Specialized Residential Treatment | Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services

Persons Served

Adults with a single or co-occurring behavioral health diagnosis.
These specialized residential programs can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals who may not been successful in traditional group homes or may require a more structured, individualized level of care.

  • High Intensity Axis 1 – Behaviorally Complex
  • High Intensity Axis 2 – Dually Diagnosed Personality Disorder
  • High Intensity Axis 3 – Dually Diagnosed Medically Complex

Treatment Scope

All Residential Treatment programs have 24 hour awake staffing trained to assist residents with unique and challenging behavioral needs. Staff/consumer ratio varies depending on need; however, is no less than one staff per six consumers: not including on-site support, administrative, and clinical staff. One to one staffing is possible for consumers who require enhanced level of supervision and/or support. Participants in Turning Leaf Residential Treatment programs live in Adult Foster Care homes licensed by the state of Michigan; specialized in serving adults with mental illness and developmental disabilities. All placements and living arrangements are based on compatibility; preference given for individuals to have private bedrooms; when necessary to share a bedroom; residents are given as much choice as possible in that determination. Staff are trained to prompt, guide, assist, support observe and monitor meal preparation, laundry services, routine household care/maintenance, activities of daily living (ADLs), shopping, money management, reading/writing/telephone assistance, socialization/relationship building and monitoring/supervision and protection.

Turning Leaf Residential Treatment programs are designed to be inclusive of all transportation, Community Integration, Skill Building, Coordination of Primary and Behavioral Healthcare, on-site work programming and crisis intervention services. Depending on location and program, Turning Leaf residents will have access to a combination of Turning Leaf employed and/or county-based, Community Mental Health treatment providers including, but not limited to: Psychiatrist, Primary Care Physician (PCP), Limited License or Licensed Masters Social Worker (LLMSW/LMSW), Bachelors Level Supports Coordinator, Community Integration Coordinator, Health Coordinator Services and/or Behavior Analyst.

Turning Leaf will assess and promote quality of life within the program by holding routinely scheduled and posted house meetings where consumers have input into decisions made regarding recreational programming, skill building, community integration, menu planning and household décor. Further, Turning Leaf will ensure that persons served are provided the opportunity to routinely rate services in the form of stakeholder surveys. These surveys are confidential and are used by administrative staff to ensure that services provided reflect consumer choice as well as a commitment to the program statements and overall quality. Turning Leaf will also routinely survey relevant stakeholders and staff in order to ensure that all viewpoints, opinions and ideas are taken into consideration.


To learn more about the referral process, visit our admissions & referrals page.

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