Home Based Supports | Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services

Home based supports are designed to support individuals once they have transitioned from higher levels of care.

Persons Served

Adults with a single or co-occurring behavioral health diagnosis.

This program can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals who have either

  1. Achieved goals within a specialized residential program warranting less intensive apartment based support (Low Intensity Program)
  2. May have not been successful within a specialized residential program and require a highly personalized and supported apartment based setting (High Intensity Program)
  3. Transitioned from an apartment based program and now require minimal structured supports at the individuals place of home (Home Based Supports).

Treatment Scope

Individuals are supported through:

  • Coordination of Primary and Behavioral Health Care
  • Medication Management
  • Community Integration
  • Recreational Activities
  • Educational and Vocational Opportunities
  • Behavior Plan Administration
  • Participation in a six level Skill Building curriculum.

Some Programs also offer Case Management, Individual and Group Therapy, Attending Physician services, and Psychiatric services.

Program Goal / Outcome

  • To maintain stability and program compliance
  • To minimize days within specialized residential or inpatient settings


To learn more about the referral process, visit our admissions & referrals page.