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From the Director’s Desk

Thank you for learning more about Turning Leaf programs and for visiting our website.

My name is Sami W. Al Jallad; since 2003, I am proud to have served as Turning Leaf’s Executive Director. In 1995, Turning Leaf’s founders set out to create a network of community-based residential treatment programs that would support an individuals’ mental health journey towards recovery and independence. With the emphasis on holistic, integrated medical and behavioral health services, Turning Leaf is set apart from other providers as we are a Michigan-based provider, seeking to help individuals maximize their independence, maintain natural supports while reducing the need for higher, more restrictive levels of care and hospitalization. The diversity and array of our programs is a testament to our commitment to responsibly transition individuals to the least restrictive levels of care.

While many changes have occurred within the greater field of behavioral health, Turning Leaf has remained steadfast to our mission statement: to enrich the quality of life of the individuals we serve through rehabilitative and therapeutic services; to overcome the barriers to living as productively and independently as can be realistically expected. We have achieved this by dedication to our core values: integrity, honesty, and moral character in dealing with all internal and external stakeholders. We respect the uniqueness of each individual we serve and seek to provide quality, creative and innovative, cost-effective services in the most dignified manner possible. Turning Leaf maintains a continuum of traditional specialized group settings, individualized and semi-independent programs and in-home services while also utilizing evidence-based, best practices in the field.

Our company is constantly striving for improvement, seeking feedback on our programs and services and will continue to answer the call in partnering with the public mental health system in the State of Michigan. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can provide any additional information about our organization or other behavioral health agencies that can be of assistance to you or someone that you know. You are welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] or call at 1-800-777-2918 x 118


Sami W. Al Jallad, MPA

Turning Leaf Executive Director


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Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services is CARF Accredited

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